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Data Driven Business Solutions

We specialise in Data Science and AI solutions for complex engineering and business problems.

How we do it

At Deep Blue AI, we leverage three key areas of expertise to deliver effective business solutions.

What we do

From predicting equipment performance to providing unique business and retail insights, at Deep Blue AI we can help you optimise your business with data-driven decision making. We develop complete solutions to collect and store data, analyse it for valuable insights, and deliver results through interactive visualisations.



Clock Gears

Consumer and Retail Solutions

Chalkboard with Different Languages

Natural Language Solutions

Data Engineering

Data engineering is the backbone of all sophisticated data science pipelines. It is the framework to ingest, store retrieve, and analyse data securely and efficiently. Any robust solution needs to take into account both current and future requirements.

We have extensive experience managing data and technology solutions on both on-premise and cloud platforms such as Azure and AWS.

Machine Learning

Modern industry is complex and nuanced; so is its data. Our expertise in the latest machine learning techniques - image recognition, natural language processing, and artificial neural networks - makes it possible for us to model multivariate and non-linear data.


Our detailed interpretation of these models enable you to make informed decisions with confidence.

Domain Knowledge

Domain knowledge is a critical component of any effective data science strategy. Our in-house expertise includes engineering, automotive, mining, technology, business and academia. In other areas we leverage our wide network of consultants to provide the necessary insight. 

Using a combination of these methods, we provide the domain knowledge necessary to develop effective solutions.  

Who we are

Together we have over 35 years of experience in Data Science, Core Engineering and Technology solutions across industry and academia.


Varun Rao, PhD

Artificial Intelligence

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Phil de Silva, MSc

Data Engineering

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Rahul Rao, PhD

Data Science & Visualisation

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