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Natural Language Solutions

Why use Deep Blue AI's NLP solutions?


Domain-specific vocabulary for maximum accuracy


Customised cutting-edge model architectures


Built-in feedback for continuous improvement

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a rapidly expanding field in AI with the vast amounts of complex and unstructured textual data now available. 


Recent advances in AI algorithms mean this data can now be leveraged to great effect in fields such as marketing, risk, legal services, and online support. 


Deep Blue AI has developed a flexible modular platform that allows easy integration of our custom cutting-edge AI models into your interface using a set of APIs. 

Our NLP frameworks

Text Similarity


Find samples in a text corpus whose meaning may be similar, even if words are not. 

Sentiment Analysis


Determine the sentiment expressed in a piece of text such as a tweet or Facebook post. 

Question Answering


Respond to customer queries in real-time. 



Decide which group a block of text belongs to based on topics in the text. 

NLP solutions in detail 


Text Similarity



Similarity between two or more text sources has many applications across a range of industries. These comparisons are currently performed manually due to the significant challenges posed by the nature of language. 

Using the latest advances in AI/ML research, Deep Blue AI has developed the Elbrus text similarity engine. Elbrus helps you  identify similar documents or parts of documents at a fraction of the cost and time of comparing them using traditional methods. 

Sentiment Analysis



Sentiment analysis from social media is invaluable to marketing departments in the modern world. Social media analysts currently perform this work but using human agents increases costs and reduces scaleability.

Deep Blue AI's Macedon engine for text similarity enables you to mine Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to find out what your customers are saying about you. The low cost and ability to scale that Macedon provides allows you to gather more detailed, nuanced, and complete feedback from customers. 


Question Answering



Traditional helpdesks are labour-intensive workplaces. Customers are on hold for minutes at a time, often when they just want an answer to a simple question.  


Deep Blue AI's Hotham engine for question answering takes the load off your customer service department and improves the experience for your customers. Questions are responded to instantaneously, reducing wait times and increasing customer satisfaction. 





Text is inherently messy. Classification of text based on topic requires time-consuming human effort. The time and cost of performing these tasks puts them beyond the reach of many organisations. 

Eiger, Deep Blue AI's text classification engine, scans through text, understands what topics are discussed, and determines what pre-defined group that block of text belongs to. Blocks of text can be classified in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods.

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