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Retail Solutions

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Why use Deep Blue AI's retail solutions?


Increase sales and customer spending


Customised cutting-edge model architectures


Built-in feedback for continuous improvement

Retail solutions are a growing field of applied AI/ML due to the large amount of customer data that is available.


The latest AI/ML algorithms are designed to mine your complex, unstructured data for hidden trends and insights that are impossible to find with human agents.  


Deep Blue AI has developed a flexible modular platform that allows easy integration of our custom cutting-edge AI models into your interface using a set of APIs. 

Our retail frameworks

Recommender Systems


Increase sales and customer satisfaction by recommending products based on a rigorous mathematical assessment. 

Customer Retention


Predict which customers are likely to leave your  company, and offer targeted retention mechanisms designed to retain them. 

Sales Forecasting


Use our Sales Forecasting  engine to optimise  dynamic pricing, roster  staff, manage  inventory and determine the  dominant causal factors.

Interactive dashboards


Keep a finger on the pulse of your retail performance and change your strategy to drive growth and customer satisfaction.

Retail - detailed solutions 


Recommender Systems


Recommender Systems determine what we watch, buy, use and wear from retailers such as Netflix, Amazon and eBay. These sophisticated algorithms are used to analyse trends and predict what products a customer is likely to buy based on their purchase history. 

Deep Blue AI’s Recommender Systems are highly customisable standalone products that can be tailored to your business needs. Increase your sales and minimise customer fatigue by providing highly relevant suggestions that maximise the probability of successful sales.  

Customer Retention


Studies show that it is typically 5-25 times more expensive to acquire new customer than to retain existing ones. While this is generally recognised by companies, retention mechanisms are generally one-size-fits-all approaches that fail to take individual customers’ profiles into consideration. 

Deep Blue AI’s Customer Retention algorithm predicts which customers are likely to leave your company for a competitor based on their behaviour. Once identified, the algorithm suggests the optimum retention mechanism, such as a discount voucher or free delivery, specifically tailored to each individual customer.  


Sales Forecasting


Prediction of sales is an important application of machine learning in the retail space. Given accurate predictions, retailers can manage dynamic pricing, staff rostering and inventory so as to maximise profit and improve the customer experience.


Deep Blue AI’s Sales Forecasting engine allows you to predict sale volumes, determine the variables that most impact sales, and fine-tune them to your advantage. The deep insights generated by our cutting-edge models allow you to look into the future and make data-driven decisions.


Interactive Dashboards


 It has always been difficult to get real-time snapshots of the performance of all parts of your organisation. Weekly reports take time to generate and interpret, and their information is likely out-of-date by the time they arrive. The metrics you are interested in may not be documented and other metrics are present instead.

Deep Blue AI’s Interactive Dashboards allow you to visualise all parts of your organisation’s performance with a user-friendly interface that can be customised to show exactly what you want them to. At a glance, you can track whatever metrics you want, from any part of the organisation. Our intuitive filters make it easy to cut out the noise and focus on the important things.  

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